Kingone K5 Bluetooth Speaker (Black)


Kingone K5 Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

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  • Frequency response: 70Hz-18KHz; Sensitivity: 60dB
  • Plug type and length: Micro USB; Impedance: 60 ohms
  • Power consumption: 8W/10V; Bluetooth/Wireless range: up to 10m
  • Compatible with most mobile phones, MP3 players, and computers
  • Bluetooth V2.0+EDR A2D; Compatible for smartphone/PC/tablet etc
  • 2pcs NdFeB magnet Dia(40mm) amplifiers; 50x90mm vibrating diaphragm
  • Handsfree with MIC, setting to answer in-calling automatically
  • Voice prompt


K5 Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

Product features

Auto answer call function
Sensitive touch and control
Play music via bluetooth wireless with hand-free function
TF card play mode, aux-in mode and wireless card reading
Perfect hearing experience
Don’t let cords tie down your music to a corner. Set your music free with the help of bluetooth speakers. Speaker systems are good for packing much value in sound quality but aren’t that great in keeping the price down, neither in offering the convenience of portability. Meet the Kingone K5 Bluetooth Speaker– a much-loved, small yet powerful device that stands out in terms of functionality, performance, and design.
Small but terrible
Expect big sounds from the tiny Kingone K5 Bluetooth Speaker, thanks to its 70Hz-18KHz frequency response and 60dB sensitivity rate. Whether you are driving to work or outdoors frolicking at the beach, you can continue jamming to your playlist with audio quality at par with your home sound system. The lightweight Kingone K5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker offers rich bass and treble in a compact size that fits in your pocket or bag.
Hooks up easily
Loud and clear audio can make a whole world of difference. Liven up your work presentation, kick off a party, or watch a movie on your tablet with the Kingone K5 Speaker in quick, easy steps. Using Bluetooth Technology, it pairs easily with your smartphone, tablet, and laptop. There are no other outside apps needed–as long as your device is Bluetooth-enabled, you can share you favorite music and take it with you anywhere within a 10-meter range. Easy to use and operate, it hooks up promptly with your iPhone or Android devices via Bluetooth so you can get the party started in no time.
Your Kingone K5 Bluetooth Speaker can play up to 4 hours of non-stop music and charges using a Micro-USB plug.
Touch Function
Adding to an impressive list of specifications is the Kingone K5’s Touch Function wheel which makes volume control smooth and easy. Glide your fingers around the touch wheel to adjust the volume and answer calls by touching the button at the top of the speaker.
Party on-the-go
The Kingone K5 Bluetooth Speaker proves that good things come in small packages. Whether you are travelling, hanging out with friends, or stuck at home in a rainy day, it’s the perfect audio companion to help you create the right kind of mood. With its timeless design and superb performance, the Kingone Bluetooth Speaker is a top-class device that surprises you with its power-packed stereo at an affordable price.

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